Assembly for 4062 - Media path and ducts

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
01 EP cooling fan duct 40X4384 $8.52 In Stock
02 Machine pad 40X4390 $5.01 In Stock
03 Transfer deflector with static brush 40X1869 $13.35 In Stock
04 Duplex deletion assembly, T652, T654, T656 40X1889 $54.48 In Stock
05a Inner deflector, T650 40X4387 $10.42 In Stock
05b Inner deflector 40X4388 $11.01 In Stock
06 Media turn guide with actuator 40X1900 $12.34 In Stock
08 Print cartridge support roller 40X4406 $2.76 Low Stock
09 Print cartridge clamp assembly 40X1868 $6.78 In Stock
11a Main cooling duct, T650 40X4391 $3.07 In Stock
12a Fuser access door assembly, T650 40X4319 $21.08 In Stock
07 Envelope feeder interface cover, T65x, X658 40X4385 $2.93 In Stock
10 LVPS cooling duct 40X4389 $4.73 Low Stock
11b Main cooling duct, T652, T654, T656, X651, X652, X654, X656 40X4392 $3.14 In Stock
12b Fuser access door assembly 40X4318 $25.83 In Stock

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