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Assembly for 4514 - Electronics 1, MS510, MS610

Model Number:

Related Models:

CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
03 Narrow media / Bin full sensor 40X8050 $17.70 In Stock
04a Cooling fan
MS510dn, MS610dn, M1145 and M3150dn
40X8276 $31.51 In Stock
08 Front input guide 40X8280 $22.27 In Stock
09 Multipurpose feeder solenoid 40X8300 $41.78 In Stock
10 Reverse solenoid 40X8301 $22.43 Constrained Get ETA
02a Fuser, 100V, Japan only 40X8343 $182.81 In Stock
02b Fuser, 110-120V 40X8023 $192.68 In Stock
02c Fuser, 220-240V 40X8024 $299.23 In Stock
05a Controller card (galvo LSU), MS510dn
On Exchange
In Stock
05b Controller card (galvo LSU), MS610dn
On Exchange
Constrained Get ETA
05c Controller card (polygon LSU), MS510dn 41X0366 $243.67 In Stock
05d Controller card (polygon LSU), MS610dn 41X0367 $242.43 In Stock
06a Controller card (galvo LSU), MS610de
On Exchange
In Stock
06b Controller card (polygon, MS610de, M3150) 41X0988 $321.29 In Stock
11 Operator panel assembly, MS610de 40X8285 $197.95 In Stock
12a Operator panel assembly, MS315, MS415, MS510 40X8292 $86.17 In Stock
12b Operator panel assembly, MS610dn 40X8284 $96.98 Constrained Get ETA
NS3 Video cable 41X0913 $10.68 In Stock
01a Laser scanning unit (LSU) (Galvo), MS510, MX510, MX511 40X8080 $107.47 In Stock
04b Cooling fan 40X9181 $47.69 In Stock
01b Laser scanning unit (LSU) (Galvo), MS610, MX61x 40X8079 $107.47 In Stock
01c Laser scanning unit (LSU) (Polygon)
On Exchange
Constrained Get ETA
NS4 Polygon laser scanning unit frame 41X0363 $23.93 In Stock
NS2 Polygon laser scanning unit cable 41X0759 $14.11 In Stock

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