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Assembly for 9025-060 - Punch unit 2

Model Number:

Related Models:

CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
02 Punch unit cable 40X9549 $121.17 In Stock
03 Sensor (hole punch box full, transmit) 40X9547 $70.93 In Stock
04 Hole punch box full sensor actuator 40X9546 $5.96 In Stock
05 Hole punch box full sensor holder 40X9545 $14.38 In Stock
06 Sensor (hole punch box full, receive) 40X9928 $70.93 In Stock
01a Punch unit - 2/3 holes 41X0967 $1,157.34 In Stock
01b Punch unit - 2/4 holes 41X0968 $1,071.25 Low Stock
01c Punch unit, Sweden 40X9986 $1,110.47 Low Stock

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