Assembly for 4064 - Duplex

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
01a Duplex/MPF tray 41X1122 $193.08 In Stock
01b MPF tray (MS821n and MS823n) 41X1648 $165.06 In Stock
02 MPF pick roller 41X1123 $27.00 In Stock
03 MPF tray separator pad 41X1638 $4.92 In Stock
04 MPF tray drive/support 41X1635 $38.12 In Stock
05 MPF front door 41X1636 $35.48 In Stock
06 MPF tray extension 41X1124 $14.55 In Stock
07 Duplex pinch roller 41X1631 $3.19 In Stock
08 Sensor (duplex path) with cover 41X1078 $5.51 In Stock
10 Motor (duplex) 41X1050 $71.96 In Stock
11 Sensor/redrive motor cable 41X2318 $20.04 In Stock
09 Sensor (fuser nip)/Interrupt sensorÔÇôSensor (tray 1 media present) / (fuser nip release) 41X1083 $3.72 In Stock

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