Assembly for 7017 - Electronics 1

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
02a Fuser, 110V 41X1178 $208.09 In Stock
02b Fuser, 220V 41X1179 $323.16 In Stock
02c Fuser, 100V 41X1180 $244.81 In Stock
03A Controller board (MX522) 41X1370 $506.81 In Stock
03Ba Controller board (MX321)* 41X2513 $323.28 In Stock
03Bb Controller board (MX421 and MX521)* 41X2514 $330.10 In Stock
NS Cable conversion kit 41X2518 $87.10 Low Stock
01 Printhead 41X1185 $111.92 In Stock
05 Main drive gearbox 41X1224 $191.43 In Stock
04a Power supply, 100V/110V 41X1201 $135.68 In Stock
04b Power supply, 220V 41X1202 $171.85 In Stock

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