Assembly for 7018 - Imaging

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
06 ADF left hinge 40X9129 $31.35 In Stock
04 ADF right hinge (MX521, MX522, MX622) 41X1321 $33.06 In Stock
01 ADF assembly 41X1329 $509.23 In Stock
02 ADF Tray 41X1335 $47.16 In Stock
11 Flatbed scanner 41X1332 $308.90 In Stock
03 ADF cable cover (MX522, MX622) 41X2221 $19.87 In Stock
05 ADF cushion (MX521, MX522, MX622) 41X1324 $25.73 In Stock
07 ADF access door (MX522, MX622) 41X1318 $71.43 In Stock
08 ADF roller (MX522, MX622) 41X1326 $30.80 In Stock
09 Standard ADF separator roller 41X1325 $12.86 In Stock
12 ADF cable (MX522, MX622) 41X1315 $22.13 In Stock
13 ADF flat cable (MX522, MX622) 41X1316 $14.08 In Stock
14 ADF separator roller (high torque) 41X2855 $19.35 In Stock
10 ADF restraint pad (MX522, MX622) 41X1322 $6.03 In Stock

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