Assembly for 0464-4MB - Mailbox (Left)

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
10 Drive gear assembly 40X8726 $11.59 In Stock
01 Left cover 40X8243 $22.20 In Stock
02 Upper interface cable 40X8254 $8.52 In Stock
03 Lower interface cable 40X8253 $9.93 In Stock
04 Controller card 40X8244 $91.95 In Stock
13 Media bin full flag 40X8247 $11.17 In Stock
NS Actuator flag (media bin full) 40X8500 $13.58 In Stock
11 Diverter plunger assembly 40X8722 $13.27 In Stock
05 Diverter motor 40X8256 $28.84 In Stock
09 Latch 40X8721 $10.59 In Stock
12 Sensor (mailbox bin full) 41X0701 $16.33 Low Stock
06 Motor (exit, transport) 41X0529 $35.42 In Stock

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