Assembly for 7017 - ADF and Scanner 2 (MX321, MB2338, and XM1238, MX421, MB2442, XM1242, MX521 and MB2546)

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
07a ADF access door (MX321) 41X2222 $59.17 In Stock
07b ADF access door (MX421) 41X1317 $60.89 In Stock
07c ADF access door (MX521) 41X2228 $62.49 In Stock
08 ADF roller (MX321, MX421, MX521) 41X2223 $34.27 In Stock
09a ADF separator roller (MX421, MX521) 41X2224 $13.50 In Stock
09b ADF separator pad (simplex) (MX31x) 40X6247 $14.84 In Stock
10 Restraint pad 40X9110 $15.31 In Stock
11a Flatbed scanner (MX321 and MX421) 41X2522 $254.57 In Stock
11b Flatbed scanner (MX521) 41X2523 $315.99 In Stock
12 ADF cable (MX321 and MX421) 41X2528 $26.25 In Stock
NS Flatbed home sensor extension cable 41X2530 $15.69 In Stock

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