Assembly for 746x - Flatbed Covers 1 (MX72x)

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
09 Scanner left upper cover 41X0233 $20.85 In Stock
01 Upper hinge cover 41X1141 $2.83 In Stock
02 Scanner front upper cover 41X1144 $43.52 In Stock
03 Scanner rear cover 41X1137 $55.53 In Stock
04 Scanner right upper cover 41X0234 $21.49 In Stock
05 Scanner support right cover 41X1138 $42.42 In Stock
06 Column right front cover 41X1133 $12.45 In Stock
07 Column left front cover 41X1132 $3.19 In Stock
08 Scanner support left cover 41X1135 $24.22 In Stock
10 Lower hinge cover 41X1136 $6.26 In Stock

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