Assembly for 746x - Control Panel (MX82x)

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Related Models:

CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
07 Control panel hinge 41X1256 $21.49 In Stock
01a Bezel (MX826) 41X2384 $13.96 In Stock
01b Bezel (XM7355) 41X2385 $13.96 In Stock
01d Bezel (XM7370) 41X2387 $13.96 In Stock
01e Bezel (MX822) 41X2388 $4.35 In Stock
02 Control panel front cover (10.1-inch) 41X0544 $33.38 In Stock
03 Control panel (10.1-inch) board 41X1149 $472.00 In Stock
04 10.1 inch control panel front cover 41X0224 $27.64 In Stock
05 Control panel housing (large) 41X1151 $25.37 In Stock
06 Control panel cable 41X2309 $19.23 In Stock
08 Control panel bracket 41X2325 $18.72 Low Stock

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