Assembly for 746x - ADF 4

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CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
05 ADF rear drive gears 41X0316 $16.74 In Stock
07 Calibration roller motor 41X0313 $44.85 In Stock
02 CCDM hold down screw 41X1901 $6.84 In Stock
03 ADF scanner CCD 41X1900 $223.58 In Stock
04 Sensor (ADF multi-feed, receiver) 41X0322 $71.91 In Stock
06 Motor (ADF) 41X1888 $138.30 In Stock
08 ADF controller board 41X1896 $107.28 In Stock
09a ADF cable kit 41X2792 $73.83 In Stock
09b ADF cable kit 41X2793 $81.22 In Stock

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