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Assembly for 5029 - Cables and Sensors

Model Number:

Related Models:

CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
01 Sensor (left toner patch) 41X1904 $15.50 Low Stock
02 Sensor (right toner patch with thermistor) 41X2348 $24.41 In Stock
03 Waste toner bottle contact block 41X1722 $6.22 In Stock
04 Toner cartridge contact 41X1723 $16.47 Constrained Get ETA
05a Fuser exit narrow media to controller board 41X2328 $5.10 In Stock
05b Fuser/input sensor cable 41X2329 $11.80 In Stock
05c LVPS to controller board cable 41X2332 $13.68 In Stock
06 Front and Right Side Interlock Switch Cover Assembly 41X1561 $9.29 In Stock
NS Weather Station Cable 41X2333 $4.34 Low Stock
05d EP motor to controller board cable 41X2330 $11.91 Constrained Get ETA
05e Tray 2 to controller board cable 41X2335 $7.03 In Stock
05f HVPS to controller board cable 41X2334 $8.26 In Stock
05g Tray present sensor cable 41X2336 $3.33 In Stock
05h AC power to LVPS cable 41X2331 $12.55 In Stock

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