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Assembly for 7500 - Scanner Covers and Operator Panel, X85xe

Model Number:

Related Models:

CO Description Part Number Price Availability Select
06 Operator panel user touch screen 40X2362 Unavailable In Stock
11 Scanner left cover 40X2205 Unavailable Low Stock
12 Scanner interface cable 40X2219 Unavailable In Stock
13 Scanner PS cable assembly 40X2207 Unavailable In Stock
14 Flatbed scanner unit assembly 40X2206 Unavailable In Stock
01 Scanner top rear cover 40X2200 Unavailable In Stock
02 Scanner right cover 40X2201 Unavailable Low Stock
03 Operator panel assembly (universal) 40X2736 Unavailable In Stock
04 Operator panel controller card assembly
Warning: In the event of replacement of any one of the following components:
• Operator panel assembly (universal)
• Operator panel controller card assembly
• RIP card assembly
• Interconnect card assembly
Only replace one component at a time. Replace the required component, and perform a POR before replacing a second
component listed above. If this procedure is not followed, the printer will be rendered inoperable. Never replace two or
more of the components listed above without a POR after installing each one, or the printer will be rendered inoperable.
40X2363 Unavailable In Stock
05 Operator panel inverter card assembly 40X2364 Unavailable Constrained Get ETA
08 Operator panel cable assembly 40X2203 Unavailable In Stock
09 USB Cable 40X2399 Unavailable Low Stock
10A Operator panel bezel (X850e) 40X2730 Unavailable In Stock
10B Operator panel bezel (X852e) 40X2731 Unavailable In Stock
10C Operator panel bezel (X854e) 40X2732 Unavailable In Stock

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