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Lexmark XM9165

Model #: 7421-439

A 300,000-page maximum monthly duty cycle, output up to 65 ppm, advanced features and up to SRA3 printing put the Lexmark XM9165 in a class of its own.

Assembly Diagrams
Covers 1 Diagram
Covers 2 Diagram
Inner covers Diagram
Operator panel 1 Diagram
Printhead Diagram
Toner supply 1 Diagram
Toner supply 2 Diagram
Waste toner Diagram
Developer Diagram
Photoconductor lock Diagram
Transfer belt Diagram
Integrated trays 1 and 2 transport Diagram
Integrated tray 1 feed Diagram
Integrated tray 1 separator Diagram
Integrated tray 2 feed Diagram
Integrated tray 2 separator Diagram
Integrated tray rail Diagram
Integrated tray paper detection Diagram
Tray insert 1 Diagram
Tray insert 2 Diagram
Tray insert 3 Diagram
Registration transport Diagram
Transfer Diagram
Registration unit Diagram
Right door transport Diagram
MPF (Multipurpose feeder) 1 Diagram
MPF 2 Diagram
Duplex 1 Diagram
Duplex 2 Diagram
Fuser Diagram
Exit 1 Diagram
Exit 2 Diagram
Main and feed drive Diagram
Toner cartridge drive Diagram
Fuser drive 1 Diagram
Fuser drive 2 Diagram
Ozone duct Diagram
High voltage Diagram
Main power supply Diagram
Electrical 1 Diagram
Electrical 2 Diagram
ADF covers 1 Diagram
ADF covers 2 Diagram
ADF (Automatic document feeder) CIS 1 Diagram
ADF CIS 2 Diagram
ADF CIS 3 Diagram
ADF paper feed Diagram
ADF paper pick 1 Diagram
ADF paper pick 2 Diagram
ADF paper pick 3 Diagram
ADF paper transport 1 Diagram
ADF paper transport 2 Diagram
ADF paper transport 3 Diagram
ADF paper transport 4 Diagram
ADF paper transport 5 Diagram
ADF paper transport 6 Diagram
Flatbed scanner covers Diagram
Flatbed scanner 1 Diagram
Flatbed scanner 2 Diagram
Flatbed scanner 3 Diagram
Miscellaneous Diagram
Power Cords
Operator panel 2