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Lexmark XS955dhe

Model #: 7558-496

Power up your office with the Lexmark XS955dhe, featuring high-performance A3 color functionality, flexible features, easy-to-use workflow solutions, and advanced security

Assembly Diagrams
Scanner Covers Diagram
Scanner Platen Glass Diagram
Scanner CCD Diagram
Scanner Carriage Drive Diagram
Scanner Optics Diagram
Scanner Controller Card Diagram
Operator Panel Covers 1 Diagram
Operator Panel Covers 2 Diagram
Operator Panel Diagram
Printhead 1 Diagram
Printhead 2 Diagram
Drive 1 Diagram
Drive 2 Diagram
Drive 3 Diagram
Cooling Fans 1 Diagram
Cooling Fans 2 Diagram
Cooling Fans 3 Diagram
Developer 1 Diagram
Developer 2 Diagram
Developer HVPS Diagram
Transfer Belt 1 Diagram
Transfer Belt 2 Diagram
Fuser Diagram
Photoconductor Diagram
Waste Toner Transfer Diagram
Media Feed 1 Diagram
Media Feed 2 Diagram
Media Feed 3 Diagram
Media Feed 4 Diagram
Multipurpose Feeder (MPF) Diagram
Left Door, Duplex Diagram
2nd Transfer Roller Diagram
Registration Drive Diagram
Redrive 1 Diagram
Redrive 2 Diagram
Scanner Interface Cable Diagram
Covers 1 Diagram
Covers 2 Diagram
Covers 3 Diagram
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Diagram
ADF Covers, Components 1 Diagram
ADF Covers, Components 2 Diagram
ADF Base Diagram
ADF Drive Diagram
ADF Sensors 1 Diagram
ADF Sensors 2 Diagram
ADF Sensors 3 Diagram
ADF Media Guide Diagram
ADF Left Door Diagram
Electrical 1 Diagram
Electrical 2 Diagram
Electrical 3 Diagram
Electrical 4 Diagram
Base wiring cables Diagram
Power Cords