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Lexmark CX860de

Model #: 7564-536

Lexmark CX860de

The Lexmark CX860de color letter MFP combines print speed of up to 60 pages per minute, ease of use, professional color and configurable software solutions with available finishing options.

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Model# Model Name
0563-FNS CX825, CX860 Multi-position Staple Punch Finisher S
0563-HCI CS820, CX820, CX825, CX860 2200-Sheet Tray
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0563-ILS CX825, CX860 Inline Stapler
Assembly Diagrams
Covers 1 Diagram
Covers 2 Diagram
Covers 3 Diagram
Operator Panel Diagram
Duplex Diagram
Left door, Mulitpurpose feeder (MPF) Diagram
Feeder Diagram
Frame Diagram
Fuser Diagram
Electronics - Front Diagram
Electronics, rear Diagram
Motors Diagram
Printhead Diagram
Toner supply Diagram
Redrive Diagram
Transfer, front Diagram
Transfer, rear Diagram
Automatic document feeder (ADF) 1 Diagram
ADF 2 Diagram
ADF 3 Diagram
ADF 4 Diagram
ADF 5 Diagram
ADF 6 Diagram
Flatbed scanner 1 Diagram
Flatbed scanner 2 Diagram
Flatbed scanner 3 Diagram
Caster base Diagram
Cables Diagram
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