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Lexmark X940e

Model #: 7510-030

Lexmark X940e

A network-ready laser MFP that brings affordable, big-league color features to large workgroups or high-volume users.

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Model# Model Name
7510-FNS C935, X940e, X945e 3500-Sheet Finisher
7510-FNB C935, X940e, X945e Booklet Finisher
7510-HC3 520-Sheet (A3) Drawer Stand with Cabinet
Assembly Diagrams
Covers 1 Diagram
Covers 2 Diagram
Covers 3 Diagram
PC cartridge and developer drive Diagram
ID sensor and transfer belt steering Diagram
Media Tray Diagram
Left lower door and media feed unit Diagram
Media feed unit Diagram
Multipurpose feed unit 1 Diagram
Multipurpose feed unit 2 Diagram
Multipurpose feed unit 3 Diagram
Registration / transport roll Diagram
Left door and duplex Diagram
Left door assembly 1 Diagram
Left door assembly 2 Diagram
Duplex media inverter Diagram
Duplex 2 Diagram
Standard media exit shift Diagram
Printhead Diagram
Xerographic and waste toner Diagram
Erase lamps and developer interlock plate Diagram
Transfer belt lift 1 Diagram
Transfer belt Diagram
Transfer belt lift 2 Diagram
Toner Dispense Diagram
Developer units Diagram
Fuser Diagram
Cooling Fans Diagram
Electrical 1 Diagram
Electrical 2 Diagram
Electrical 3 Diagram
Electrical 4 Diagram
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Diagram
ADF covers and components Diagram
ADF base Diagram
ADF Feeder Diagram
ADF left cover components Diagram
ADF media guide Diagram
ADF feeder roll Diagram
ADF Motor unit Diagram
ADF document tray Diagram
Scanner Covers Diagram
CCD Lens Diagram
Control panel and platen glass Diagram
Scanner electrical Diagram
Scanner optics Diagram
Carriage cable and motor Diagram
MFP Rack Diagram
Power Cords
Miscellaneous / Options