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MarkNet N8020 GigaBit Ethernet

Part Number: 40X1376

          Status:  Low Stock

  • The availability of Lexmark parts is subject to change without notice..
RoHS compliant

Only one internal network connection is supported at any given time. The standard network connection will not work with this card installed.

Part #: 40X1376 is compatible with:

Model Name: Model Number:
Lexmark X850e 7500-000
Lexmark X854e 7500-200
Lexmark X852e 7500-100
Lexmark X644e (LV No Modem) 7002-001
Lexmark X646e (HV No Modem) 7002-102
Lexmark X644e (HV w Modem) 7002-012
Lexmark X644e (HV No Modem) 7002-002
Lexmark X644e (LV w Modem) 7002-011
Lexmark X646e (LV w Modem) 7002-111
Lexmark X646e (HV w Modem) 7002-112
Lexmark X646e (LV No Modem) 7002-101
Lexmark X646dte (HV w Modem) 7002-112
Lexmark X646dte (LV w Modem) 7002-111
Lexmark X646dte (HV No Modem) 7002-102
Lexmark X646dte (LV No Modem) 7002-101
Lexmark X642e (HV No Modem) 7002-004
Lexmark X642e (HV w Modem) 7002-006
Lexmark X642e (LV No Modem) 7002-003
Lexmark X642e (LV w Modem) 7002-005
Lexmark C534n 5022-510
Lexmark C534dn 5022-530
Lexmark C524n 5022-410
Lexmark C524dn 5022-430
Lexmark T644 4061-400
Lexmark T642 4061-200
Lexmark T640 4061-000
Lexmark W840 4024-000