RIP controller card assembly

Part Number: 40X3661

RoHS compliant

Warning: In the event of replacement of any one of the following components:
• Operator panel assembly (universal)
• Operator panel controller card assembly
• RIP card assembly
• Interconnect card assembly

Only replace one component at a time. Replace the required component and perform a POR before replacing a second component listed above. If this procedure is not followed, the printer will be rendered inoperable. Never replace two or more of the components listed above without a POR after installing each one or the printer will be rendered inoperable.

Warning: Never install and remove components listed above as a method of troubleshooting components. Once a component has been installed in a machine, it can not be used in another machine. It must be returned to the manufacturer.

Part #: 40X3661 is compatible with:

Model Name: Model Number:
Lexmark X850e 7500-000
Lexmark X854e 7500-200
Lexmark X852e 7500-100