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Sensor (document set, feed out, width, registration)

Part Number: 40X7403

          Status:  In Stock

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RoHS compliant

Part #: 40X7403 is compatible with:

Model Name: Model Number:
Lexmark X954de 7558-436
Lexmark X950de 7558-036
Lexmark X952de 7558-236
X85xe, X86xe, W840, W850 Finisher-2/3-Hole 7500-FIN
X85xe, X86xe Booklet Finisher-2/3-Hole 7500-FNB
C935, X940e, X945e 3500-Sheet Finisher 7510-FNS
C935, X940e, X945e Booklet Finisher 7510-FNB
C950, X95x Booklet Finisher (4-Hole) 7558-FNB
C950, X95x Booklet Finisher (3-Hole) 7558-FNB
C950, X95x 3500-Sheet Finisher (4-Hole) 7558-FNS
C950, X95x 3500-Sheet Finisher (3-Hole) 7558-FNS
Lexmark X954dhe 7558-436
Lexmark X952dte 7558-236
Lexmark XC9335 XC9335, 7580-298
Lexmark CX943adtse CX943adtse, 7580-678
Lexmark CX942adse CX942adse, 7580-478
Lexmark CX931dse CX931dse, 7580-238
Lexmark CX930dse CX930dse, 7580-138
Lexmark XC9325 XC9325, 7580-198
Lexmark CX931dtse CX931dtse, 7580-238
Lexmark CX943adxse CX943adxse, 7580-678
Lexmark CX944adtse CX944adtse, 7580-878
Lexmark CX944adxse CX944adxse, 7580-878
Lexmark CS943de CS943de, 5080-435
Lexmark XC9465 XC9465, 7580-898
Lexmark XC9455 XC9455, 7580-698
Lexmark XC9445 XC9445, 7580-498
W840 Finisher 4024-FIN