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Caster base, MS81x, MX71x

Part Number: 40X8093

          Status:  Low Stock

  • The availability of Lexmark parts is subject to change without notice..
RoHS compliant

Part #: 40X8093 is compatible with:

Model Name: Model Number:
Lexmark XM5170h 7463-296
Lexmark XM5163 7463-096
Lexmark XM5170 7463-296
Lexmark M5163dn 4063-490
Lexmark M5170 4063-69E
Lexmark MS812de 4063-63E
Lexmark MS812dtn 4063-630
Lexmark MS812dn 4063-630
Lexmark MS811dtn 4063-430
Lexmark MX710de 7463-036
Lexmark MX710dhe 7463-037
Lexmark MX711de 7463-236
Lexmark M5155 4063-29E
Lexmark M5163 4063-49E
Lexmark MX711dhe 7463-237
Lexmark MX711dthe 7463-237
Lexmark MS710dn 4063-832
Lexmark MS810n 4063-210
Lexmark MS810dn 4063-230
Lexmark MS810dtn 4063-230
Lexmark MS810de 4063-23E
Lexmark MS811n 4063-410
Lexmark MS811dn 4063-430
Lexmark MS711dn 4063-835