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Laser scanning unit (LSU) (Polygon)

Part Number: 41X0362

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RoHS compliant

Check the serial number of the printer. If the sixth digit character assigned is in the P–Z range, then the LSU is polygon (example: 4514 2ZHH 007CR). If the sixth digit character assigned is in the 0–9 or B–N range, then the LSU is galvo (example: 4514 20HH 007CR7.

Part #: 41X0362 is compatible with:

Model Name: Model Number:
Lexmark MS315dn 4514-335
Lexmark MS312dn 4514-330
Lexmark XM1140 7015-479
Lexmark M1140+ 4514-539
Lexmark MS415dn 4514-530
Lexmark MX611dte 7016-670
Lexmark MX611dhe 7016-675
Lexmark XM3150 7016-679
Lexmark XM1145 7015-679
Lexmark XM3150h 7016-679
Lexmark MX511de 7015-670
Lexmark MX510de 7015-630
Lexmark MX410de 7015-470
Lexmark MX310dn 7015-270
Lexmark M3150 4514-649
Lexmark M3150dn 4514-638
Lexmark M1145 4514-639
Lexmark MX610de 7016-630
Lexmark MX611de 7016-670
Lexmark MX511dhe 7015-675
Lexmark MX511dte 7015-670
Lexmark MS610dn 4514-635
Lexmark MS510dn 4514-630
Lexmark MS610dtn 4514-635
Lexmark MS610de 4514-646
Lexmark MS610dte 4514-646