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Sensor (fuser buckle / narrow media)

Part Number: 41X0447

          Status:  In Stock

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Part #: 41X0447 is compatible with:

Model Name: Model Number:
Lexmark XC4153 7528-5A9
Lexmark XC4143 7528-1A9
Lexmark C4342 5030-239
Lexmark CS735de 5030-635
Lexmark CX730de 7530-236
Lexmark C4352 5030-695
Lexmark CS730de 5030-235
Lexmark CX735adse 7530-678
Lexmark XC4342 7530-239
Lexmark XC4352 7530-679
Lexmark CX725dthe 7528-5A8
Lexmark CX725de 7528-576
Lexmark CX725dhe 7528-578
Lexmark CS725dte 5028-6A0
Lexmark CS725de 5028-630
Lexmark CS720dte 5028-1A5
Lexmark CS720de 5028-135
Lexmark CS737 5030-835
Lexmark CX737 7530-878
Lexmark XC4140 7528-196
Lexmark C4150 5028-6A9
Lexmark XC4140 7528-1A9