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Lexmark XM854e

Model #: 7500-20M

Lexmark XM854e

An Advanced, Wide-format(A3/Ledger), Integrated Multifunction Printer

Assembly Diagrams
Covers 1 Diagram
Covers 2 Diagram
Media Feed Unit Diagram
Media Feed Unit, Exploded (tray 1 and tray 2) Diagram
Media Tray Diagram
Multipurpose Feeder (MPF) Unit Diagram
Multipurpose Feeder (MPF) Unit Feed Diagram
Left Lower Door and Transport Diagram
Left Door and Transfer Roll Diagram
Left Door Diagram
Registration Diagram
Printhead, Cartridge Guides and Fans Diagram
Fuser Diagram
Standard Exit 1 Diagram
Dual Unit Drive Motor Diagram
Electrical 1 Diagram
Electrical 2, X86xe Diagram
Electrical 2, X85xe Diagram
Scanner Covers and Operator Panel, X86xe Diagram
Scanner Covers and Operator Panel, X85xe Diagram
Scanner Platen, Glass Diagram
Scanner Lens and Sensors Diagram
Scanner Carriage Motor and Cooling Fan Diagram
Scanner Full/Half Rate Carriage Diagram
Auto Document Feeder (ADF) Diagram
ADF Covers and Components Diagram
ADF Base Diagram
ADF Feeder Diagram
ADF Cover Components Diagram
ADF Media Guide Diagram
ADF Feeder Roll Diagram
ADF Motor Unit Diagram
ADF Document Tray Diagram
2000-Sheet Dual Input Covers Diagram
2000-Sheet Dual Input Tray 3 Diagram
2000-Sheet Dual Input Tray 4 Diagram
2000-Sheet Dual Input Feed and Transport 1 Diagram
2000-Sheet Dual Input Feed and Transport 2 Diagram
2000-Sheet Dual Input Media Feed Unit Diagram
2000-Sheet Dual Input Left Door Diagram
2000-Sheet Dual Input Drive and Electrical Diagram
Duplex Outer Diagram
Duplex Inner Diagram
Exit 2 Outer Diagram
Exit 2 Inner Diagram
Electrical Cables 1 Diagram
Electrical Cables 2 Diagram
Electrical Cables 3 Diagram
Electrical Cables 4 Diagram
Electrical Cables 5 Diagram
Power Cords
Miscellaneous, X85xe
Miscellaneous, X86xe