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Part Number: 41X1083

          Status:  In Stock

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RoHS compliant

Sensor (front door interlock, toner cartridge shutter, duplex interlock, MPF paper present, standard bin full, rear door interlock, 2100-sheet tray near empty, 2100-sheet tray media length guide, 2100-sheet tray pick roller index, 2100-sheet tray media present)

Part #: 41X1083 is compatible with:

Model Name: Model Number:
Lexmark CX331adwe 3500-685
Lexmark MX431adn 7019-4a6
Lexmark MS431dw 4601-480
Lexmark MS431dn 4601-4a0
Lexmark MS331dn 4601-230
Lexmark MX431adw 7019-4b6
Lexmark B3442dw 4601-480
Lexmark B3340dw 4601-280
Lexmark CS431dw 1500-8c6
Lexmark MB3442adw 7019-486
Lexmark C3426dw 1500-836
Lexmark CX431adw 3500-8c6
Lexmark MX331adn 7019-235
Lexmark MC3426adw 3500-876
Lexmark MC3326i 3500-685
Lexmark MC3224i 3500-485
Lexmark MB3442i 7019-486
Lexmark MC3426i 3500-876
Lexmark C2326 1500-8c9
Lexmark XM3142 7019-6w9
Lexmark MX432adwe 7019-6w6
Lexmark M1342 4601-489
Lexmark XC2326 3500-8c9
Lexmark XM1342 7019-489
Lexmark MC3326adwe 3500-685
C3326dw 1500-638
CS331dw 1500-638
Lexmark MC3224dwe 3500-285
Lexmark MC3224adwe 3500-485
C3224dw 1500-218
MX82x, XM73x 2100-Sheet Tray Option 0464-HC7
MX82x, XM73x 550-Sheet Tray Option 0464-557
Lexmark XM7370 7465-896
Lexmark XM7355 7465-496
Lexmark MX826ade 7465-836
Lexmark MX822adtfe 7465-436
Lexmark MX826adtfe 7465-836
Lexmark MX826adxe 7465-836
Lexmark MS823dn 4064-430
Lexmark MS823n 4064-410
Lexmark MS725dvn 4064-830
Lexmark MS821dn 4064-230
Lexmark MS822de 4064-235
Lexmark MS821n 4064-210
Lexmark MX725adve 7464-836
Lexmark MX822adxe 7465-436
Lexmark MX822ade 7465-436
Lexmark XM5370 7464-396
Lexmark XM5365 7464-096
Lexmark MX721adhe 7464-037
Lexmark MX722ade 7464-336
Lexmark MX721ade 7464-036
Lexmark MX722adhe 7464-337
Lexmark MB2770adhwe 7464-388
Lexmark MS825dn 4064-630
Lexmark MS826de 4064-635
Lexmark B2865dw 4064-438
Lexmark M5255 4064-295
Lexmark M5270 4064-695
250- and 550-Sheet Tray Options 0464-x50
2100-Sheet Tray Option 0464-HCI