Lexmark MX826adxe

Model #: 7465-836

With output up to 70 ppm*, Ultra High Yield toner capacity, optional finishing and 2750 sheets of standard input, the MX826adxe is Lexmark’s large-workgroup monochrome leader.

Related Models:

Model# Model Name
0464-4MB 4-Bin Mailbox
0464-FNS Staple Finisher
0464-HC7 MX82x, XM73x 2100-Sheet Tray Option
0464-557 MX82x, XM73x 550-Sheet Tray Option
0464-OFS Offset Stacker
0464-SHP Staple Punch Finisher
Assembly Diagrams
Covers (MX72x) Diagram
Covers 1 (MX82x) Diagram
Covers 2 (MX82x)
Flatbed Covers 1 (MX72x) Diagram
Flatbed Covers 2 (MX72x) Diagram
Fuser Diagram
Electronics 1 Diagram
Electronics 2 Diagram
Motors Diagram
Sensors 1 Diagram
Sensors 2 Diagram
Duplex Diagram
Frames Diagram
Control Panel (MX72x) Diagram
Control Panel (MX82x) Diagram
Tray/feed Diagram
ADF 1 Diagram
ADF 2 Diagram
ADF 3 Diagram
ADF 4 Diagram
ADF 5 Diagram
ADF 6 Diagram
Flatbed Scanner 1 Diagram
Flatbed Scanner 2 Diagram
Flatbed Scanner 3 Diagram
Miscellaneous Diagram
Output Options (MX82x, XM73x)
Maintenance Kits