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HEPA main fan

Part Number: 41X2539

          Status:  In Stock

  • The availability of Lexmark parts is subject to change without notice..
RoHS compliant

Note: This part is supported only in 220 V printer models that have E to Z as the 9th character in the serial number.

Part #: 41X2539 is compatible with:

Model Name: Model Number:
Lexmark XC8163 7564‑598
Lexmark XC6153 7563‑196
Lexmark XC8160 7564-598
Lexmark XC8160dte 7564-598
Lexmark XC8155 7564-596
Lexmark XC8155de 7564-596
Lexmark CX860dte 7564-536
Lexmark XC8160de 7564-598
Lexmark CX860dtfe 7564-537
Lexmark XC6152de 7563-196
Lexmark XC8155dte 7564-596
Lexmark XC6152 7563-197
Lexmark CX825de 7564-336
Lexmark CX820dtfe 7563-137
Lexmark CX825dtfe 7564-337
Lexmark CX825dte 7564-336
Lexmark CS820dte 5063-530
Lexmark CS820de 5063-530
Lexmark CX820de 7563-136
Lexmark CS820dtfe 5063-571
Lexmark CX860de 7564-536
Lexmark XC6152dtfe 7563-197
Lexmark C6160 5063-539